Bogan, Wisoky and Heller

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2 reviews for Bogan, Wisoky and Heller

View profile Andreanne

3 reviews

Not only one of my favorite Italian restaurants…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

Went to The Strand last night and was disappointed enough to write a review. It was our second visit in the past six months and it will certainly be our last. For starters, the temperature inside was too cool even though the outdoor temperature was only in the upper 40's. My meal was cold halfway into it and I am a pretty fast eater (my wife reminds me). The bread came out and the appetizer plates were still wet. We opened our napkin rolls and the napkins were still damp as if they had been taken out of the dryer far too early. My leg became chilled from the damp cloth laying on it partially due to the chilly temperature of the restaurant and partially due to the damp cloth napkin. My wife was chilly enough to order a coffee prior to dinner. Upon telling the server that she was cold and needed a cup of coffee the response was only that they did not have coffee, only espresso. My wife ordered a tea that became cold fairly quickly and as I glanced up at the large drink menu behind the bar I saw that they had Cafe Americano listed. That would have been a good suggestion for a coffee substitute had our server been on her game. The appetizer, Risotto Arancini, was so-so. My wife's Meatballs and "Strands" was served warm but she felt as though the meatballs were previously frozen and not homemade. Nothing to write home about. My entree, Chicken Piccata, was lacking in the flavor department and as I previously mentioned was cold half way through trying to enjoy it. Apart from the restaurant being too cold there was nothing terrible about the experience it's just that is was a mediocre meal with less that professional service. The server that waited on the table next to us squatted down and rested his arms on one of the table's chairs to take their order. Unfortunately we see this a lot in our current society but I want a professional, well informed yet non-intrusive server that adds to the quality of the dinning experience. Not another dinner buddy. This was not "A Unique Dining Experience" that they self proclaim. Just over priced for the sub-par dining experience.


Below expectations

Value for money




View profile Nia

4 reviews

Don't let the location (off in the boonies,…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

As much as it filled my need for a transfer, it did only that. So I guess mission was accomplished. However, as nice as the people that work here are this place gives you an impression of disarray and confusion. I am not sure what it is, but I didn't feel too comfortable in here. Everybody seems to be in on every transaction, and that is just weird. Their inventory leaves for something to wish for, no matter what you are looking for. They don't have a lot of anything, nor is it very organized. The few guns they have on display is marked with a price tag and the bare minimum information. I mean, I don't expect there to be all information on a tag - but there needs o be more. I would never go in here and buy something on the fly - that just wouldn't happen. I feel like I am kicking on someone who is laying, but this business is clearly not run very well nor effective.


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