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We were invited to a party here this…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

We stumbled across Thirteen North having gone to the predecessor high end Italian restaurant they took over a couple of times - and were curious to see what replaced it. We have been going back ever since, typically once a week and sometimes more frequently. The food is always consistent, and sometimes the Chef specials are down right spectacular. Cocktails a wonderful bargain, aside from their promotional specials on their namesake day of the month. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the dining experience beyond the food (which is reason enough) is the commraradie among the patrons and the friendliness of the staff. We prefer the bar for maximum impact on both fronts. You feel that the the owners and their staff all genuinely enjoy working there, and they make the guests feel very at home. Bill and Bob, Phoenix


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