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to be fair... I love the food...it was…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

i am writing a review based on the Yelp Elite event held tonight. although doubtful i could ever afford to eat here regularly, the wife and i were treated to an extremely delightful night of food and wine. every wine poured (i stuck mostly with the shiraz and the cabernet) was ridiculously smooth and rich. my glass never sat empty for 3 solid hours. i'm sorry i can't remember all the food dishes, but for starters, the bread plate with the arugula, candied figs, roasted red peppers....the soft mozzarella concotion....holy cow...it was like an episode of Top Chef. then the entrees....the cedar plank salmon, the scallops...oh my the scallops....so soft and buttery and melty in my mouthy....topped off with the red velvet bread pudding and flourless chocolate cake (the lightest flourless chocolate cake i've ever tasted) had me groaning in pain from a full belly, but writhing in pleasure from the taste. i imagine this must be what that dude in hell feels like as he's imbibing in lusty pleasures followed by tenacious torture.... Jill, the server for our section, was exquisite. she not only kept the wine flowing and the food plentiful, she was so excited to explain each dish and wine serving, often pulling up a chair to converse for long periods of time, how she loved the dishes and how much she enjoyed working at Tanzy. everything was perfect. there were 2 meat app's and 2 meat entrees that we didn't partake in but our fellow revelers had no issues devouring. a wonderful, wonderful evening of dining pleasure.


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