Jacobson, Kertzmann and Johnson

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1 review for Jacobson, Kertzmann and Johnson

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Fresh & Easy is a great concept. They…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

This review is more comparing this Trader Joe's against other Trader Joes' that I've been to. This one is pretty good. It's kind of hard to see from the major intersection, but just turn into the same lot as O'Reilly and you'll drive right by the storefront. The people who work here are super friendly. No one even gives me "the look" when I go back to sneak a 2nd sample from the sample station (which by the way are really tasty all the time, but they used to have juice and now they only have water which sucks). Food is stocked well but there is always one extra thing that I need that I end up having to go to the Asian Supermarket to buy. I've also bought two basil plants here that died miserable deaths (but the basil was great while it lasted) and one aloe plant that is still living strong! I use this freakin' plant for EVERYTHING skin related--sunburns, cuts, even for my dog when he's got dry skin. It's seriously great!


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