Quigley, Shields and Sporer

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1 review for Quigley, Shields and Sporer

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First of all can't I believe these racist…

December 19, 2019 at 7:39 pm

Okay so this is a fast food chain restaurant but I've always liked BK more than McD...but it seems to have gone down hill. Can a fast food place go further down a hill? Yes they can. See why: Every time I mistakenly decided to come here cause it's close to home I regretted it. First time the drive thru person was just not very friendly. When I pull up to the window I see why...a cholita with a painted on eye liner face. Her poor make up choice doesn't mean she needs to be rude but she was. Yikes! Next time...took f...o...r...e...v...e...r. BK has always not been the fastest in/put drive thru but this time I thought I was at Carl's Jr with that wait time. And last time...(my last time) I decided to give this place one last chance and try out their highly advertised chicken nugget deal to rival McD's deal. THEY WERE OUT! Who runs out of nuggets you advertise for a billion times a day...now of course it could have been the case that this deal was so popular that they simply could not meet the demand...that was not the case. Poor ordering by the management. Done with this place. Which my thighs will be happy about anyway.


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